Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Remember the pace

The last 2 days have been a wash out as far as life is concerned.
It's been a busy time though so there's only myself to blame, I know what happens when I overdo it but I just didn't listen to reason this weekend.
But it was so worth it *grin*

I actually danced! I haven't had a good dance in years! my cousins wedding was brilliant - ok, the weather was pants, but the ceremony and reception made up for it, she looked stunning (I did too apparently, everyone kept saying so - so much so it felt like they were over compensating slightly.. but that's just my paranoia kicking in) and the atmosphere was just what you'd wish for; nary a fight and good times all round.

Sadly the all day event combined with the dancing and the incredibly late night wiped me out, I spent most of Monday in bed and yesterday was the same, I'm still aching to buggery and feel a tad shaky but at least I can mentally function again.

It's all proof of how well i'm doing though - just last year i'd have been out for a week after that kind of exertion, now it's only stolen 2 days from me.
Things are definitely looking up!

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