Saturday, November 24, 2007


So far so good.

I've just been less able to cope with the 'fatigue' (you know, that bone sucking weariness that leeches at your will to live) and the dizziness and nausea are back full force - I also feel as though my eardrums are going to pop every time I swallow - but that'll be down to the ear infection fighting back. on the plus side, the aches are not as severe as usual, my elbows still twinge but it's not the 'normal' burning stretchy ouch I deal with during PMS week.

I got an extension on one assignment, I figure I'll be fine with the presentation and I've already taken my missed exam, I just need to give my tutor a copy of the docs certificate for the examining board to ensure I get marked as though I were present first time around and not at the capped 40% resit scheme.

Still awaiting response from Minerva house about my DSA application, figure I'll phone 'em on Tuesday to make sure they received it, they should, it was sent recorded delivery.
As soon as I've had an assessment for that I'll know where I stand with everything else, best case scenario is that I get help with transport, a laptop and laptop desk suitable for use in bed (or just the desk, I don't mind getting my own laptop) and an ergonomic chair.
Worst case is I get nothing and the college stop helping me with extensions etc etc.

Meh, we'll see. I just want it all sorted before my exams.

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