Sunday, November 18, 2007

Cack and double cack.

I've now had this ear infection for at least three weeks.
I've a prescription for antibiotics to pick up but I know that as soon as I start taking them I'll be completely buggered and the next 2 weeks are pretty vital as far as college goes, I've 3 assignments due in and tomorrow evening I'm taking the exam I missed 2 weeks ago due to my mini relapse.

I guess I'll have to fill in an extension form for each of my assignments and just succumb to the effects of the drugs, I'll go and speak to Thelma tomorrow about it, hopefully she can square it with all my tutors so that I can have an extra week in which to do the work - it shouldn't be a problem seeing as the Lovely Dr. Bhatt gave me a sick note that covers me until the end of next week - technically I don't have to be in to any of my classes until that runs out, I just hate to miss the lectures because I don't want to fall behind!

It's a toss up really, do I postpone taking the antibiotics and hope the recurrent dizziness and nausea/ fainting from the ear infection hold off until I've done the assignments or get them and take them and just give up any thought of doing anything for the entire week because I'll be too bushed to speak..?
God knows why antibiotics have that affect on me but they do. *sigh* no visiting or anything that week, at least I'll be able to do some beading if I'm propped up in bed, nothing worse than the listless fogginess - although I've never taken them with VegEPA so perhaps I'll be ok.. We shall see!

I'm not starting them until Wednesday anyhow because I've decided to wait until after my blood tests, no point making life truly awful for myself until I have to eh?!


Alexandra said...


Have you tried Ayurvedic Medicine? if you consult a practitioner he/she can indicate you herbal supplements for ear infection. I also have ME and react very bad to antibiotics so Ayurveda helps a lot because they use natural supplements. For ear infection there is a product called Septilin but is better if you see a qualified Ayurveda Practitioner before you take it. If it's to late for this time you can always try it next time. And something in the Manchester area have you see Dr Perrin, an osteopath specialised in CFS/ME? Best Wishes.

Vics said...

Hi Alexandra, I think i should really change that header now i've moved down south *grin*

I've heard many mixed reviews on the Perrin front, so much so that it's not a treatment I'd risk spending my money on at present, I'm at a stage in the illness where everything is fairly balanced allowing me to take on this course of study, i can't risk losing that balance for a few weeks as I pay through the nose to be 'worse before I'm better'.

I've not heard of Ayurvedic medicine before though - i'm now off for a google! Cheers on the heads up!