Friday, November 02, 2007

updates and whingyness

I've been up and down for the last few days, constantly tired and aching, today the pains were so bad I couldn't get up, my knee especially has been playing up and i'm limping again.

Just as well I'm allowed a lift key at college, I really couldn't face the stairs today, I did force myself up and in because I had a test this morning, the temptation was there to just flake as I know I'd be allowed to redo it at a later date, but it's in a subject I already struggle with so I need all the help I can get.

I'm also getting a tad fed up. All I do is college work and then go home to crash, that's assuming I'm not working on college stuff at home.
I need a night out but I don't have the energy (or the income) I need a break.

I also need my own space. Singing is the one sure fire way I have of de-stressing and brightening my outlook, I've been unable to sing for at least 2 months because I'm living in someone elses house and feel I can't make that kind of noise.
I can't go to a karaoke because I'd be going by myself, not advisable at present (even if I had the confidence to go to a pub alone and sing in front of a crowd) I'm just royally fecked off.

..But at least i'm doing well on my course - even databasing is coming to heel, by christmas I should be able to create a fully operational shopping database. I just wish I had a life outside college.

*sigh* i'll build up, I guess I should just be grateful i'm at the level I am, as long as I can hold this and not relapse i'm doing well. Things'll pick up once I have a measure of privacy back in my life again.
Then I'll be able to sing to my hearts content!

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