Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Am I the anti-christ?

Went into Hatfield yesterday for an impromptu programming study group (i.e. me and Johnella) got home to find everyone rushing around because we had to go to mass - reconciliation or something (I'm not catholic so it's all a tad confusing) so I wolfed down some tea, got changed and off we went.

I have to say, the church is quite pretty and for a change the mass was a short one, but obviously I had to gee things up a bit.. I only went and fainted! It was so embarrassing - I've had dizzy spells and I'm used to the me/cfs crashes, but I never faint! ..And of course we had to be sat in the second row instead of nice and anonymously at the back! I don't know what caused it, one minute I'm kneeling next to Stef for the prayer and finding it hard to breathe, then I get a sharp pain in my guts, a roaring sensation in my ears and everything fizzles out. So while Stef and his dad are trying to hoist me back up onto the pew, his mum rushes off to get me a glass of water and I'm coming around just as everyone is queueing up for the 'laying on of hands' so I ended up sitting there feeling mortified as every single person in the church is parading past our seats and trying not to make eye contact with anyone - it's bad enough feeling ill without a couple hundred people witnessing it!

Thankfully mass ended not long after that so we escaped, I got home and had to rush to the loo for a bowel explosion (hey, I like to share!) and went straight up to bed feeling awful.
Needless to say, the antenatal yoga this evening has been cancelled and I'm trying to take it easy - Stef and his mum are at the church now putting the finishing touches to the Easter garden and I'm trying to decide whether it's worth calling the Dr's or not. I still feel a bit under the weather, a little nauseous, tired and light headed, but nothing more than I've been feeling on and off since getting pregnant anyhow. I don't think I have a temperature (mental note, get a thermometer) it was just a one off (I hope) my thinking is rather than get all panicky, just see how I go - it could have been the heat, incense, drop in sugar levels - anything. If it happens again then I'll go crying to my doctor.

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