Tuesday, August 03, 2010

The future's so bright.. I gotta wear shades!

Principles and applications of web Services (technology): A3
Digital Entertainment Systems: A1
Web Application development (design): A3
Professional Issues in computing: A3

You see those grades? they're mine they are *grin* ok, ok so what if it took me an entire academic year to do it!
..Considering I've had 74 days (that's right, just over 2 months) bedridden by fatigue (and that's not counting any crashes prior to the diary count starting mid January otherwise it would probably be at least three months considering I lost most of November and December which necessitated the deferrals in the first place) and god knows how many other days I lost to the joys of brain fog (I'm never mentally aware enough on those days to think of keeping count!)

I'd say I did really bloody well.

Lets put it this way - I'm on track for a first class honours in my specialist degree subject so it's worth the blood sweat and tears of studying with ME/CFS and a toddler.

As Chris said on my Facebook page: Vicky rocks!

So, what now you ask? Well, on top of actually being a mum again instead of a snappy, stressed out work beast;
  • I'm working on several websites (mine and other peoples)
  • updating and improving my knowledge of wordpress for this very reason (so a fair bit of reading)
  • I'm researching and organising ideas for my final year project (which funnily enough involves the need to understand wordpress VERY well)
  • I'm creating several 'how to' videos for the ESCAPE project at uni.
  • making time to re-read my notes and try to keep what I learned to get those A grades fresh in my mind (important to do when you have CFS memory to contend with)
I know, you'd think I'd kick back and relax wouldn't you - but I really don't dare to. One thing I learned this year is that I can pace, but I can't stop;
If I stop I lose any headway I've made.

So, gotta keep the momentum going because I REALLY, really want to be able to get a job at the end of all this.

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