Monday, December 27, 2004

a lovely new twist

I have developed a new and interesting inability to clean up without breaking things. Cool huh?!
I started to clean up the other day and stopped after dropping 3 plates one after the other - that's also after I managed to throw a small one to the floor when getting something from the cupboard.
Today, I've just broken 3 glasses.
At least I know what I'm going to be wanting for my birthday mum - you've got until May to help me find a new dinner service - lets make it a plastic one eh!?
Seriously, if I didn't already know there was something wrong with me I'd be begging to know what it is.
Lets just say, from now on all attempts at cleaning will be performed whilst wearing my steelies.
Thank god I bought a brush to go with my new mop and bucket set while I was at IKEA...

Needless to say I have stopped the tears of frustration, come upstairs to soothe my soul with a blog - nothing like feeding an addiction to put things right with the world is there? I'm almost beginning to sympathise with smokers, I'd be climbing the walls without a pc right now.
(but I still refuse the dirty lung killers sway in my house... ugh!...)
I'm guessing its possible the tunes may have something to do with my current level of calmness though, a bit of the old Fleetwood Mac to bring me back to myself, pretty much always a charm in itself.

Think it could also be a touch of the come downs too, was a really good day (and night) yesterday, then I come home to a freezing cold, empty house with a congealed and messy kitchen.
Talk about a contrast.
Right. Guess I'd best go down and clear up that glass while I have the energy, then try and set the rest of it to rights - preferably without dropping anything else.
Or someone could just come round and shoot me - either/ or sounds good to me.
(Oooooooooooohhhh... Can't you just WADE through that self pity...?)

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