Monday, December 06, 2004

Somebody understands!

Just got off the phone to Katie at occupational health, I so wish I'd spoken to her before.
She's had this fatigue syndrome before and she knows what its like for me.
I'd started to get back into the mindset of believing It's all in my mind and that I was just being lazy, which was starting to really depress me and knock my self confidence (to say the least) Lying in bed all day isn't helping.
Having somebody describe to me just how I feel without me saying a word was a kind of relief - I'm not a total hypochondriac, it's not just me - it's a physical and mental 'malaise' that I have no control over.

The fact that she got over it helps, she can see all my notes and she says that while she got over it in 18 months, it may take me a little longer because I appear to have it worse than she did - but at least I've had confirmation there is an end in sight, and once I start this wellness clinic the specialist has referred me too - well, fingers crossed it'll help me get over it even quicker and I can get back to being me again.

It really does make a difference to speak to a person who's been there. She quite vigorously suggested I take a 'convalescence' somewhere warm for a couple of weeks (if I can afford it) as she said doing that was what finally helped her 'turn the corner' and like she says, even if it doesn't work for me - at least I'll have had a nice relaxing holiday. She's also suggested I go swimming once a week (if I can find someone wiling to go with me... Mum...? *grin*) Not to try and do lengths or anything, but just the floating and general light exercise should help.
So, come February and the return of cheap flights - Madrid ho! Already had Trish suggest this to me as a possibility if I wasn't back in work, well - looks like I wont be back in work for another 6 months, this being the case... I'm going to try not to get depressed, shake off the 'I can't' attitude and start to do things.

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