Saturday, April 14, 2007

My elbows hurt.

Like, a lot.

they have been for a while - even before the fatigue thing started so that makes it several years, funny how I forgot they used to hurt before, blogs are great memory nudgers I guess. But of all the joit aches I have evry day, the elbows hurt the most.

Even with the 'sleepy pills' I couldn't sleep last night, the pain was just that bad. I dozed on and off but didn't really hit sleep, the one time I got comfy Stef decided he'd roll over and cuddle me and I couldn't find the comfy spot again..
I wouldn't mind but when something hurts that much it just makes all the other aches feel worse, now my wrists and my shoulders, right up to my neck, all hurt - I know, sitting hunched over a keyboard won't help, but I have to distract myself somehow.

I'm groggy and irritable from the lack of sleep and the pain but what can you do?
My elbows feel like they're on fire, it's as though the muscle or something is in the wrong place and it's stratched and fraying on both arms.. I can't straighten my arms when I'm in bed, they're always bent - I'm the most comfortable when they're raised above my head but I can't sleep that way when Stefs next to me because I've got a crappy mattress and as soon as he lies down I roll into him because of the weight difference.

I'm just sore, depressed and fed up.

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