Monday, April 30, 2007

tired of waiting..

I went to see Ms Brady about the posibility of re-training or getting a job, sadly the systems were down (surprise) so there was not really a lot she could say about what they could offer me.
On the plus side she was very positive about the fact that I have several options, I just have to wait until my next appointment on May 8th to look at the specifics of those options as without a working system she could not access my file or any of the relevant information - so much for technology eh?!

She had me email a copy of my cv (updated of course) and a list of the types of courses I've been looking at with regards re-training, not sure if they got through to be honest since I've had no response, i'll just make sure I take the information with me in hard copy form when I go see her (and also on my usb memory stick in txt format - just in case..)

That's one thing dealing with the benefits agency does for you - it certainly makes you think of back up systems for everything you do, if you have a project then just immediately assume you're dealing with people who are really incompetant working on a system prone to crashing. You'll soon come across as uber organised!

Meh, roll on hearing some good news, I'm lookign forward to taking control of my life again.

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