Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Phenergan and ginger

After the happenings of the other night (you may wish to take a moment to check my other blog for details) I've had trouble sleeping.

I've been doing reasonably well sticking to the sleep schedule barring a couple of late nights and bad days, but since Saturday I've been lying awake with the adrenalin kicking in every single time a security light goes on or I hear the gate slam (which is a lot seeing as how they kicked in the gate as well so there's not catch to stop it)

Anyway, since I don't want to balls up the progress I've been making I went to the doctor for something to help me sleep.
I told him the situation, he was most sympathetic - actually told me to move as soon as possible, he took one look at my address, read out the street name and said he wasn't at all surprised, he's got a couple of patients along here that similar things have happened to, all older than me but classed as 'easy targets'.

He did not wish to give me sleeping tablets because, not only would he only be able to give me a weeks supply, they are highly addictive. Instead he's prescribed a course of antihistamines.
Apparantly they do the job just as well, as a bonus they should help with the dust allergy I seem to have and I can have a months worth.

Now all I have to do is wait for the council to come fit a new front door.

On the cold front, it seems the ginger method is working, I only had the sniffles for a couple of days, I do have a tickly cough but that could be because of all the dust in here, it's ridiculous how much you get in this flat.
Here's hoping we find somewhere decent to move before the end of the month - I could well do without all this!

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